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I really like/hate your art

Thanks! I do my best

Seriously though, I hadnt drawn a thing since high school, and thats been awhile, and that was never very heavy on figure drawing. I will do my best to improve over time, and I hope it won't put you off from the fun story

How does 'x' work?

Generally I try to keep the in universe mechanics consistent, but I admit, there are flaws, just take it as the world is imperfect

I will add more here as the story progresses, but for now, anything else would be a bit spoilery


The bulk of the comic is done in Chalkboard, cause Comic-Sans is stupid or something

Janai speaks using Menlo, since a monotype font felt more fitting for him

I do hand letter a few things, when I want to put a lot of emphasis on something, or it's a hand lettered sign


I do all the drawing on an iPad Pro (just the 9.7 inch) with an Apple Pencil

I do the bulk of my sketching, inking and coloring in ProCreate, which has worked really well. I use Pixelmator for cropping and resizing (especially backgrounds). I also use a custom app I wrote to quickly generate images from the script text for lettering since Procreate lacks a text tool

The site itself is generated using a bunch of custom layouts for Middleman, which generates a static site for speediness, and keeping server operation simple

For ease of updating, a launchd script checks for updates on update nights, and pushes to the server

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