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Welcome! - June 15, 2016

Welcome to Bob's Old Books, a webcomic about an ordinary bookstore, ordinary for their universe anyways, but more about that in the future, wouldn't want to give too much away too soon! There will be plotting, intrigue science fiction, fantasy, action, adventure and of course, book jokes (and hopefully improving art).

This is getting started a couple weeks late due to various life things that got in the way (cold from hell!), but I have roughly a full month of buffer created, and lots more more or less outlined.

The site isn't fully finished yet, it mostly works, but I am not very experienced at web development, so things may look weird, especially on other devices or browsers.
If you notice something wrong, let me know and Ill attempt to fix it (bonus kudos for providing solutions!).

I am considering having a commenting system, and leaning towards Disqus because Disqus is very fully featured, and fits well with statically generated sites.

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